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Aren't you forgetting something...important?

Hi you are viewing V6 of Samu's Trade Post, previously[HONORED.ONE] now Sea.God ft. Rafayel from Love&Deepspace. I'm totally not obsessed or anything..hahaha
I am hosted by the lovely Jess! If you decide to join a tcg below, please tell them that Samu referred you!

** My trade policy is always the first time we trade; I will include MCS even if not included in the tradeform. If the form processes cleanly, please feel free to go ahead and put the trade through on your side; you do not have to wait for me to manually approve your trade. I am a-okay with randoms I just prefer you ask me first! Discord is the easiest way to get ahold of me.

currently playing tcgs;

TCG NameURLStatusTCG Type
Glub Glub o'Clock; 🐟
About You
The 1975
Meant to Be
Back to You
Kun & Xiaojun
4 O'clock
Taehyung and RM
I Know You
Faye Webster
Intro: Singularity